Forest Heart, City Thoughts
I am a graduate student in the concrete jungle of New York City studying book publishing. I love stories and imagination more than anything; but I miss the forest and the quiet. I am a forest girl in this world. I just need a place to create my own quiet fairytale place of woodland creatures and layered skirts.

I want this dresss
Also comes in navy and light red, both with polkadots

Definitely for layering

I would like this for layering

Is this a…painting…of strawberries? ♥_♥

Favorite section of my room ♥

Thought I would show a lil of my contradictory mori-city girl life sometimes. Thoughts? ^_^


It’s time for another stock update! This little forest brooch is another Mori inspired item that will be available soon in my new store ! You can’t always be in the forest be you can take it with you! (^_^)

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